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Research Student Life in Utsunomiya University

WANG YUXUAN (Research Student)

At the end of September last year, I came to Japan and embarked on a brand new life of studying abroad. I started my studies at Utsunomiya University as an auditor in the school of International Studies. I was confused about the unfamiliarity with Japanese and the inability to adapt to foreign life. However, with the help of my supervisor and mates of F's seminar, I gradually adapted to this new environment.

When I first came to Japan, my Japanese proficiency should have improved, and I hardly understood anything just by hearing it once. In order to improve my Japanese proficiency as soon as possible, the supervisor arranged for my seminar's mate to take turns eating lunch with me to practice daily communication. The session improved my Japanese speaking and listening skills and taught me more about Japanese culture through communication with friends.

In addition to daily communication, I also participated in lectures and learning with F's seminar mates. They helped me understand the teaching content in class and shared learning methods and experiences with me. In this process, I learned more Japanese knowledge as well as gained a deeper understanding of the Japanese education system and professional courses.

In terms of Japanese language courses, I followed the Japanese language courses offered by the university, including reading and dialogue classes. At the same time, I also attended some lectures and activities to understand Japanese culture and society further. These experiences, along with broadening my horizons, helped me better integrate into Japanese society.

As the entrance exam approached, experienced senior students provided me with much help and guidance, especially during preparation. They tirelessly answered my questions and helped me improve my preparation efficiency.

In the end, in December, I successfully passed the graduate entrance exam and embarked on a new journey in Japan. During this period of a research student, I made progress in language and academia, and I have also made many good friends and gained valuable experience in studying abroad. In the future, I will continue to work hard to learn new knowledge.


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