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F's Seminar 2023

  • Reona FUKUHARA  (M2)

  • Ayaka SAKAKIBARA (M2)

  • Kakeru KIKUCHI (M1)

  • WANG YUXUAN (Research Student)

  • Magda Yukari HAGIYA CORREDO (B4)

  • Daichi KONO (B3)

  • Haruna TSUTSUMI (B3)

  • Miyu NISHIMURA (B3)

  • Hitomi HANATSUKA (B2)

  • Observer Participation: UIPJ (B2/B1)



This essay shares my experience and thoughts on III. Kirimli Dr. Aziz Bey IHL Competition & Advanced Summer School in Türkiye from 4th to 9th September 2023. Participation in an International Humanitarian Law (IHL) competition was not my first time, but the conditions differed from what I had experienced in past competitions in Japan. Therefore, the six days were really exciting and challenging for me.

The Condition of the Program

The first unique point of the competition was that participants' development through the summer school was evaluated. It was the reflection of a variety of students. Their degrees in IHL were different from student to student; some had just started their studies at university. Lectures started with a basic theoretical framework and ideas of IHL and then moved on to concrete topics. Thanks to this flow, participants could keep up with the important discussion points surrounding emerging and controversial issues, such as the protection of animals and autonomous weapons and cyber attacks as means or methods of warfare.

Another distinctive characteristic of the program design was the emphasis on presentation skills. The organizer kindly allowed us to receive tutor feedback on our presentation after each competition exercise. They included the structure of arguments, how to display juries with our teamwork, and attitudes in delivering arguments; others were doing it, which was very helpful to improve our performance in the next section.

The other unique aspect of the program was that the participants had to compete with the other teams and their teammates. It was confusing at first, and I was struggling to build teamwork in the preparation and presentation times on the one hand and make better performances than my teammates on the other hand.

A Challenge and Development through the Program

The biggest challenge was the English fluency gap between me and the other participants. This mattered especially in constructing strategies with my teammates toward exercises. Their speed in grasping the contexts of scenarios was far beyond mine. In such a case, I could not join the discussions and lost chances to make use of what I had learned in Japan in constructing our team's strategies. Furthermore, it was also hard for me to interrupt discussions between my teammates and juries to help the former and add legal opinions and solutions. I was just one beat behind in starting my argument, making it challenging to join discussions. However, my disadvantage was covered thanks to our teamwork getting better and better.

When it comes to presentation skills, I made progress through the competition. I was advised to look at juries as well as members of the opposition side, to show confidence, and to present our teamwork by allocating the same length of time to each member in our presentation. To those points, I could improve my performance. The remaining problems were the volume of my voice and the emphasis on important words in my arguments. I will practice this aspect for another competition or presentation. The moot court completed by the finalists was amazing. It was apparent why the finalist could move on to the next stage. The audience could learn many things to improve their performance from the finalists' behavior, tone and volume of voice, and assisting teammates each other. It would be really effective to improve our presentation after the competition.


Overall, I enjoyed a lot through the summer school and competition. They enhanced my knowledge of IHL and my skills to deliver opinions and ideas better. The interaction with other participants was also memorable. I will inform members of the international law seminar at the university of my experience and knowledge acquired through the program, including the book "Kirimli Dr. Aziz Bey Collected Courses on International Humanitarian Law Vol. 1" introduced on the last day, which is beneficial for us to learn specific and vital issues in current IHL.

I would like to express my appreciation to my supervisor, Associate Prof. Hiroshige Fujii, for assisting me in participating in the program and having taught at IHL for years. I would also like to thank the program's organizers, lecturers, and staff for teaching, encouraging, and supporting me through 6 days.

  • 令和4年度宇都宮大学学生表彰に藤井研究室から2チーム+ハギヤさんが表彰されました。

  • 藤井研究室にて初の修士号取得!横山さん6年間本当によく頑張られました。心からお祝い申し上げます。





  • 藤井研究室の鈴木さんと菊地さんが学部長特別表彰に選ばれ、学位授与式にてスピーチをされました。


  • 2023年6月3日(土)に2023年度宇都宮大学多文化公共圏フォーラム 第5回「東ティモールの平和と外交」を実施いたしました。講師の外山聖子様、学生にもとてもフレンドリーに接していただきました。ご多用の折、宇都宮までご訪問いただきまして誠にありがとうございました。



  • 「国際刑事裁判所による司法介入とケニアの司法制度改革──ケニアでの不処罰終止に向けられた内と外の論理の変容」国際政治 (210) 79-94 2023年5月 査読

  • 「国際刑事法と難民法をめぐる課題に対する一考察―国際刑事裁判所による証人保護と難民条約除外条項の適用をめぐる分析を通して」難民研究ジャーナル (12) 74-85 2023年4月 査読

  • 「アフリカ連合による平和構築の課題および展望 ――2016年ガンビア大統領選挙後の移行期における取り組みを中心に」広島平和研究 (10) 13-32 2023年3月査読


  • 「African Strategies for International Judicial Intervention in the African Union: Judicializing African Politics」The Korean Association of African Studies International Conference 2023, Sookmyung Women's University, 29th – 30th June 2023

  • 「主権国家体制と国際刑事裁判所による逮捕状発布―不処罰終止規範の拡大が難民条約除外条項へ与える影響を中心に」日本国際連合学会第 24 回(2023年度)研究大会プログラム ≪研究報告セッション2≫ 主権国家体制における人権保障と国連の機能 2023年6月11日

  • 「ケニア2010年憲法の改正をめぐる争点: 再燃する「架け橋イニシアティブ(BBI)」の行方」日本アフリカ学会 第58回学術大会口頭報告 2023年5月13日

  • 「アフリカ連合における対外政策の形成過程に関する研究: 国際刑事裁判所とケニアを事例として」科学研究費基盤研究(B) 「集合的なニーズ・権利に関わるグローバルな正義の比較社会学的研究」研究会 2023年3月11日



  • 「国際学部の新しい強みへ、国際人道法大会での準優勝―2022年度国際人道法模擬裁判・ロールプレイ大会に関する報告会―」藤井広重, 中村真, 宇都宮大学国際学部附属多文化公共圏センター年報 (15) 46-55 2023年3月

  • 「『国際問題を考える』高校生との夏の交流会・子どもの国際人権ワークショップ実施報告書―「国際平和と人権・人道法研究会」2022 年度の活動報告②― 」宇都宮大学国際学部附属多文化公共圏センター年報 (15) 171-173 2023年3月

  • 「国際協力機関インターンへのプロセスと活動」2022年度学生座談会―「国際平和と人権・人道法研究会」2022年度の活動報告①―」宇都宮大学国際学部附属多文化公共圏センター年報 (15) 161-170 2023年3月



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