F's Seminar 2020


  • Akira KITAGAWA (B4)

  • Kenta IDENOUE (B4)

  • Mai KIKUCHI (B4)

  • Reona FUKUHARA  (B4)

  • Sumire KIKUCHI (B4)

  • Tomoki YOKOYAMA(B4)

  • Ayaka SAKAKIBARA (B3)

  • Atila NASIER (B3)

  • Hiroshige FUJII

2019年度宇都宮大学SDGs推進奨励賞成果報告会にて藤井研究室がプレゼンテーションを行った 『地域社会と共に広める「平和」と「公正」―SDGsの達成に向けた世界を旅する謎解きゲーム―』に対し、飯村会長賞が授与されました。関係者の皆様方、ありがとうございました。


*「International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice 」集中講義の日程が決まりました。2021年2月20日(土)~同22日(月)に開講します。

・「持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)の地域社会における実践と課題 − SDG16(平和と公正)をめぐる国際規範と地域性についての試論− 」宇都宮大学国際学部研究論集 第50号 109 - 120頁、2020年9月。

・Global Week to #Act4SDGs の期間に合わせ、連続セミナー「SDG16(平和と公正をすべての人に)の達成に向けた国際機関の役割と現場から見える今後の課題」を開催しました。全国から多くの方にインターネットを介してご参加頂き心より御礼申し上げます。詳細はUIPJのブログを御覧ください。https://profile.ameba.jp/ameba/uipj


・ 「国際人権人道規範の地域性に関する考察:プロジェクトベースの実験研究試論」2019年度宇都宮大学SDGs推進奨励賞成果報告会、2020年9月23日。

・「感染症と国際平和・人権について」栃木県立栃木工業高等学校 教職員向け人権教育研修会、2020年8月27日。

・ 「教員と学生による 感染症と人権プロジェクトが始動」螢雪時代2020年9月号 、旺文社、2020年8月。

「紛争被害者の力に 国連機関でインターン」下野新聞 朝刊3面 2020年8月27日。

  • Hiroshige FUJII


Hello everyone, I am Ai Haraguchi, a member of Fujii’s seminar. The long season of rain was over, and the hot summer is coming. Usually, there are many events in Summer, but this year is different because of coronavirus. Therefore, almost all of my daily life consisted of my part-time job, studying, sleeping, and cooking. For that reason, I could not decide what I should write for this essay.

Coronavirus changed a lot of things in our life. Many local and state governments are struggling to contain a further spread of the coronavirus. I feel that it is hard to both stimulate the economy and prevent the spread of coronavirus simultaneously.

I think there are contradictions to Japanese local and state governments' strategy, so I would like to share the strategy of them and the reason I think so.

The strategy of the Japanese government

“Go to travel campaign.”

The Japanese government started “Go to travel campaign” from July 22. The campaign is that government discounts about half of the travel cost to support the tourism industry. I have a dilemma that I want to go on a trip, but I fear spreading the coronavirus.

I think that is a good idea for the economy, but on the other hand, a lot of people might gather on famous tourist spots because of the campaign. There is a limit to what people can take actions against coronavirus on tourist spots. If many people catch coronavirus on the tourist spot, the tourist spot and government strategy greatly impact the infection.

Strategy of Local government

“Tabetoku ticket”

Many local governments have made efforts to address the local promotion economy. I would like to introduce one of the local government's original strategy.

“Tabetoku ticket” is published by the local government. People can use it at the local restaurant as money. They can buy the 6500yen ticket for 5000yen.the tickets for 5000yen, so they can save 1500yen. Besides, if they use up all of the tickets, they can get a 1000yen ticket further. Eventually, they can save the 2500yen.

Actually, many people buy tickets. I work part-time at a restaurant. Every day I receive many tickets from the customers.

Therefore, the “Tabetoku ticket” strategy has had a positive effect on local restaurants. On the other hand, I think a restaurant is one of the most dangerous places in terms of coronavirus because almost all people don’t wear a mask and talk a lot while they eat. There is a high-risk of airborne droplet infection. Furthermore, not all restaurants take a perfect measure against coronavirus.

The restaurant where I work reaches full occupancy every day. That is a very good thing for the restaurant, but that is a dilemma in this situation.

How about your country?

I feel that is a huge issue the balance between the promotion economy and the measure against coronavirus. Anyway, we must take action against coronavirus all together. I hope that we can return to everyday life as soon as possible. Thank you.

The opinions expressed in this essay are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of the member of F’s seminar.

“The beautiful sky” On the park in my neighborhood.


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