Hiroshige Fujii (藤井広重 )is Associate Professor of International Law and Global & Transitional Justice at Graduate School of Regional Development and Creativity and School of International Studies, Utsunomiya University, Japan. His research and teaching are on international criminal law and human rights in theory and in practice, and peace-building research methods.

Fujii was the Committee member for Academic Exchange and Cooperation, Japan Association for United Nations Studies (JAUNS) (2019-2021). In 2016-17, as a member of the United Nations University Global Leadership Training Program in Africa, Fujii was Visiting Fellow at the Department of Public Law, University of Cape Town. Also, he had been engaged in the UN Peacekeeping Operations as Program Advisor in Cabinet Office, Government of Japan in 2014-16. The Japanese Government dispatched Fujii to Mali Peacebuilding Center as an expert of International Criminal Justice (French)  in July 2015. Other professional experience includes refugee assistance projects at a foundation and development projects in Asia at an NGO.