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Project at Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere, School of International Studies, Utsunomiya University

International Peace and Human Rights / Humanitarian Law Study Group

International Peace and Human Rights/Humanitarian Law Study Group is an academic and practical arena where international peace and justice issues can be freely discussed. This project consists of two activities, the "International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Project" and the "International Human Rights Workshop," which have been undertaken in Associate Professor Hiroshige Fujii's laboratory at the School of International Studies since 2018. Graduate and undergraduate students also proactively plan and manage these activities, including implementing various public seminars and symposiums held as learning opportunities related to these activities. In addition, this project collaborates with the "Utsunomiya International Peace and Justice," a student club activity established in 2018 as a related organization.


Utsunomiya International Peace and Justice (Student Study Group)

Utsunomiya International Peace and Justice (UIPJ) is designed to enhance the out-of-class experience for students. Fujii has been served for UIPJ as an adviser since 2018.

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