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Experiences of Radio Appearance and TICAD 7 Youth Summit


I am Reona Fukuhara, a member of Fujii’s seminar in 2019. I would like to share my experiences in this summer.

Firstly, on 7th August 2019, the members of Fujii seminar and UIPJ went on Miyaradi which is the local radio in Utsunomiya. Though this was the first time for us to go on a radio, we spend a great time with Ms.Nakagawa who is radio personality.

First of all, professor Fujii introduced his context of research and interests. Some listeners got interest in his topics and questioned to his research topic. (Unfortunately, there was no time to answer the question.) It was great opportunity for us. Then, Tomoki Yokoyama and I reported our experience of Japan Association of Global Governance, the 12th research meeting, held in Kobe University, and introduced UIPJ. Attila Nasir who is a member of UIPJ introduced the details of its activities and advertised some events. UIPJ will have a symposium in the coming November whose theme is genocide. I would like to support them to success it.

I would like to show my appreciation to Ms. Nakagawa. She listened to our story favorably and asked a lot of questions with great interest. It was lack of time that we talk all of our experiences. Thus, we would be pleased if we get opportunity to participate again.

Secondly, on 12th August, I participated in TICAD7 Youth Summit with Ai Haraguchi who is also a member of Fujii’s Seminar. This summit was organized by Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability (JYPS) which organizes advocacy movement and many campaigns to achieve sustainable society. This summit was consisted of two subcommittees and matching session. In this summit, participants can talk face to face with staffs of organizations engaging in an international corporation.

In the midmorning, one subcommittee was held. The title is “The labor problem in terms of the current situation of youth employment”. Two instructors organized this subcommittee. One of them is Mr. Fukunishi who is working at JETRO and the director of Area Studies Center, African Studies Group. The other is Mr. Peter who is ABE initiative student from Nigeria. Firstly, Mr. Fukunishi explained the current labor market situation and problems in Africa. Then, Mr. Peter mentioned about the specific labor problems in terms of youth labor. After these lectures, the participants discussed what would be necessary in order to improve the working environment for African youth. The participant from Ghana suggested that the attitude of foreign company should be changed because they have a bias that African people are not superior. Even if the labor market is expanded, it is few opportunities to get job under the good condition because of their bias. Thus, I thought all of the company has a responsibility to consider about this issue.

Ai Haraguchi took another subcommittee about refugees

In the afternoon, the matching session was held. I talked with many staffs belonging to various organizations. In this session, I could connect with not only the staffs but also students who are interested in topic that I got too. It was a great opportunity to talk and consult about career path each other.

The stuff from ADRA Japan explained about their working

Through interaction with them, I could be aware of youth power. And I hope more and more young people realize their own power !

Picture with participants


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