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Travel Diary of Hokkaido


I am Tomoki Yokoyama, a member of Fujii’s seminar in 2019. In the middle of August 2019, I visited Hokkaido with my family. All time spent with my family become a treasure because I have not traveled with my family for a long time. Today, I would like to share a little bit about my three-day, two-night trip to Hokkaido.

On the first day, we went to Kushiro city which is famous for Ainu people. Ainu is indigenous people living in Hokkaido. We bought some products designed Ainu pattern. I was really excited because it is rare to experience Ainu culture. Then, we went to Mt. Iou. Iou means Sulphur in Japanese. In Meiji era, Sulphur was mined there and used for development of Kushiro city so this mountain is called Mt. Iou. Unfortunately, this is active volcano and we could not climb up. However, we were able to see characteristic surface of the mountain. There were only rocks and steam were given off from surface. I saw a mountain without any tree for the first time. Furthermore, because of Sulphur, there were several parts colored yellow and smell was not good. The most impressive thing of this trip was food I ate. Hokkaido has many attractive seafoods like crabs, octopuses and scallop. In Utsunomiya city where my university place and I live, I seldom eat fresh seafood because this city does not face a sea. I enjoyed eating seafoods especially octopuses. And also, we went to the most famous soba restaurant in Kushiro city. The name was Tikurouen. I was surprised that Japanese emperor loves soba served by this restaurant. Generally, a color of soba is light black but Tikurouen’s soba is yellow. A waitress said that because Tikurouen’s soba contains egg, soba colored yellow. I ordered soba with a fried shrimp. They were delicious. I would like to eat them again.

What I ate at Tikurouen

Three days spent with my family in Hokkaido was one of the most memorable events on my summer vacation and I will never forget where we went, how wonderful there is and what we talk. Thank you.

Mt. Iou

Surface of Mt.Iou


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