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  • 執筆者の写真Hiroshige FUJII

The Japan Society for International Development 2024 Spring Conference

B2 Ouka Yoshida

On 15 June 2024, The Japan Society For International Development was held at Utsunomiya University. We, the Fujii Seminar, played a part in the management. On the day, sessions were held on different development-related themes, and many researchers gave presentations. After all the sessions were over, a plenary session was held in the hall. The work of the Centre for Multicultural Public Sphere at Utsunomiya University was explained, and as part of this, International Peace and Human Rights / Humanitarian Law Study Group was also presented. It was entitled ' Interactive Teaching for International Human Resource Development: Theory and Practice of International Humanitarian Law'. After Professor Fujii's explanation, the seniors of the Fujii Seminar, Mr. Kakeru Kikuchi, Ms. Yukari Hagiya, Mr. Atila Nasier, Ms. Ayaka Sakakibara, and Ms. Reona Fukuhara, gave their presentations. This article explains the plenary.

Professor Fujii introduced the study group's activities and talked about its philosophy. He explained, "I want to differentiate themselves by showing experiences and results that cannot be obtained by paying money." I visited Ethiopia in March this year and visited organizations such as the AU and UN. This experience allowed me to reconfirm my own goals and interests. Listening to the professor's philosophy strengthened my desire to study in the Fujii Seminar.

This was followed by student presentations by Mr. Kikuchi, Ms. Hagiya, Mr. Atilla, Ms. Sakakibara, and Ms. Fukuhara. They spoke mainly about self-introduction, university studies, and future career development.

First, Mr. Kikuchi explained his internship at Save the Children Japan. He learns about international law, attends lectures by experts, and then uses and experiences what they learn through his internship. He explained that this experience led him to growth.

Ms. Hagiya shared her experiences through IHL competitions and the internship at UNHCR. She spoke about how " The usual is no longer the usual" in conflict. She spoke of her desire to build a career on the global stage through her studies in international law.

Mr. Attila explained his reflections and sense of crisis during university life in relation to his career development. He said that he had been introverted in his studies at university, but through Professor Fujii's classes and seminars, he decided to pursue a career in international cooperation boldly.

Ms. Sakakibara spoke about her experience in international humanitarian law competitions and the importance of comprehensive learning. She is working as a researcher in the Embassy of Japan in Angola and belongs to an economic department, which is different from her field of interest. She explained the importance of paying attention to a variety of news to understand the situation of one country, even if it is not about the field she is interested in.

Ms. Fukuhara shared her experience in international law, including the UIPJ activities and participating in Moot Court competitions, as well as her experience as an intern at international organizations and researcher of the Mission of Japan to the African Union. She explained that these experiences enabled her to develop her ability to negotiate with flexibility, research and analysis skills. As for her future career, she concluded by saying that she would like to become a practitioner who can build a "bridge between theory and practice (in the field)".

Through the Fujii Seminar plenary, I have developed an even greater admiration for seniors. Having seniors nearby who are my target in this way makes me feel every day that I have been able to enter an excellent seminar. This feeling has become even stronger through this plenary.

I have also reaffirmed my determination to build a career in international cooperation. Listening to the seniors' presentations, I was able to think concretely about how experiences through the Fujii seminar will be meaningful in building my career. I am also firmly determined to further my knowledge of international humanitarian law through various activities and to use this knowledge in practice to contribute to the international field in the future.


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