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The best baseball game I have ever watched

B4 Ren Arai

I went to a ballpark in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi prefecture, to watch an impressive baseball game on 9.8.2022. Actually, my older brother, Ryo Arai, belongs to one of the JABA (Japan amateur baseball association) league baseball teams called “Kirayaka bank”. Kirayaka bank is one of the local banks in Ymagata prefecture. In Japan, some companies have a baseball team, and the level of the baseball league is said next to the NPB, which is a professional baseball league in Japan. So, in short, my brother is an amateur baseball player in Japan.

His baseball team has decided to disband recently because of management difficulties. Kirayaka bank has suffered from deficits for a long time. To improve it, they decided to disband their baseball team to secure the banquet. Therefore, the game was the last baseball game for my brother as a baseball player. I went to watch it with my family.

My brother was a pitcher from Junior high school until two years ago. As a high school student, he pitched at an average speed of 140km and MAX 148km. He was a famous player in our region, but after entering a university and his current team, he had suffered control of his pitching. Finally, he decided to convert his position from pitcher to fielder just two years ago. He, himself, did not say that he put in a lot of effort, but I know that he did effort a lot after converting a position. Eventually, he grabbed a regular starting player at his last game!!!

The opponent of the game was one of the strong teams “TDK” in the baseball league. However, when the game started, the stream of the game was for Kirayaka. Then, Kirayaka got a chance to get the first point. In the bottom of the 2nd, with one out and a runner on second, a butter of Kirayaka was ………… an announcement said “Ryo Arai”. In fact, a starting pitcher of the team is paid attention to by NPB teams this year. I was really worried about my brother. “Can he hit from the pitcher??” but my concern disappeared when I saw his appearance on the field. His attitude was well-honed, like when a lion is waiting for prey. I thought that I had no reason to worry about him.

He looked for the ball and hit a foul tip several times. Then, finally, he carried an inside ball to the right fielder!! It was a clutch hit!!! Thanks to his clutch hit, Kirayaka took the lead at the beginning of the game. I cried at that time because I imagined his effort of two years. At the same time, I was extremely proud of my brother too much.

Unfortunately, his team lost in the end, but it was the best baseball game I have ever watched. After the game, his baseball team was disbanded as scheduled. Even though I was really satisfied with the game, if there is a possibility of watching his play again, I would like to see it. A few days ago, I had good news. According to the news, a company has been trying to make a team that takes over Kirayaka bank baseball team. It means that I might be able to watch my brother’s play again in the near future. I hope that it will be a reality.

Anyway, Well done, my brother!!! I got a lot of strength from watching you play. Thank you!!


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