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Record of my internship

Kenta IDENOUE (B3)

Hello. I am Kenta Idenoue, a member of Fujii’s Seminar. The temperature has gradually dropped after the New Year started. I'm not too fond of the cold, but I hope for a snow flurry in Tochigi. Apropos, how did you spend the New Year? As for me, the internship at The Genron NPO has started since last month. Here, I would like to share my experience of the internship, especially about a multilateral conference called “the Asia Peace Conference” in which I engaged.

Before moving on to the conference, I would like to provide a brief introduction to an organization where I have worked. The Genron NPO is a Japanese think tank established in 2001 by Yasushi KUDO, who used to be an editor in chief of ‘Ronso Toyo Keizai’. It has held not only domestic conferences and forums but also international ones for the purpose of strengthening democracy in Japan and the world on a discussion basis. I would paste the URL link of its homepage to the bottom of this article for those who are interested in its activities.

Then, I would mention the Asia Peace Conference. On January 21, this international conference was held among people concerned in Japan, United States, China, and South Korea. The Genron NPO aims to create a peaceful environment in Northeast Asia, where now that this region has several hot spots such as the East and South China Sea and nuclear weapons of North Korea. Therefore, the Asia Peace Conference was the exact first attempt for The Genron NPO to discuss these challenges at the private level. We spent almost all of the day having a dialogue, including the closed session. In terms of my work contents, until the day of the conference, I made some conference materials such as its brochure. On the other hand, throughout the conference, I engaged in making the conference notes, setting up the venue. Besides, sometimes I was in charge of a helper of Mr. Kudo (President, The Genron NPO) through translating conference materials promptly, for example. Thanks to helping by other interns, I managed to fulfill my role in the conference. Through this conference, I could learn how to manage conferences as one staff and, above all, could listen nearly to meaningful discussions, including the closed session, but to be honest, I was totally exhausted at the end of the day.

Owing to this internship, slowly but steadily, I am becoming able to increase my knowledge about global issues and to express my opinions about them. Now, I am in charge of making a report of this Asia Peace Conference. I will keep working hard without ever forgetting my feelings of appreciation. Thank you for reading.

Homepage of The Genron NPO ➡


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