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  • 執筆者の写真Hiroshige FUJII

How the Census Takers conduct the National Census


B4 Attila Nasir

How do you access them when you want to see the population, number of households, and other data? If you wish to such data about Japan, the National Census is helpful. The census is the most important statistical survey of the country, covering all people and households living in Japan. The various statistics collected from the census are not only used by the national and local governments for political and administrative purposes but are also widely used by private companies and academic institutions to contribute to the lives of the people. Everyone can access the data from 1930 to 2020, anytime and anywhere, if you are online. I was engaged in surveying for the census, which was held last time in 2020, so let me introduce how the census was going.

The census is conducted by municipal offices and residents commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. In other words, I was commissioned by them. I was in charge of a census taker for the 2020 National Census. Why was I commissioned? Since I was the head of the dormitory of Utsunomiya University, I was asked to be a census taker for my area.

Being interviewed for the census is not very hard, but I felt that the time and effort required by the census takers to conduct is tremendous. I began preparations about six months before it began. We needed to find out what kind of buildings were in our assigned area, what they were used for, whether people lived there, and how many households and people lived there. Of course, not all residents are cooperative in the census. I had no choice but to make a sincere effort to explain to them and try to get them to understand and cooperate. Since the census is the largest and most important survey in Japan, I was proud and responsible for conducting it. At this point, I thought my job as a census taker was challenging and rewarding.

Through these various processes for about six months, I successfully completed my job of the census. After that, I received a letter of appreciation and a salary from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to reward my work, which made me very excited. Therefore, I would like to thank the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Utsunomiya City Office, and all the residents who cooperated in the census for giving me this opportunity.


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