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Enjoy UEFA EURO 2020

B4 Attila Nasir

UEFA European Football Championship 2020 (UEFA EURO 2020), which starts on June 11, 2021, must be making all football fans sleep-deprived. UEFA EURO is one of the most exciting competitions globally as all compete for the title of the strongest football nation in Europe. The competition series has fascinated me since I was a child, and my passion for it has never waned. In this article, I would like to write about my childhood memories of the UEFA EURO and how we would enjoy this competition more.

Firstly, I will introduce my childhood memories of UEFA EURO. The impetus for being interested in football was when I was a child watching the UEFA EURO with my father. To enjoy the championship with me, my father proposed: I would predict the winning country of the match, and if my prediction were correct, I would get some pocket money. Otherwise, if the prophecy were wrong, I had to give him a message on his shoulder. Because I was a child, I could not receive a regular allowance. Therefore, it was the only way for me to get the money that I could spend freely. In other words, while the players have the football game on the pitch, my father and I were playing another game. To win the game with my father, I tried my best to research each country's football history and players. As a result of my effort, I made predictions most of them were correct, which gave me some allowance. In accumulating the experience, I fell in love with football. When I have children in the future, I want to play with my children in the same way.

Secondly, let me introduce how we enjoy UEFA EURO 2020. The tournament postponed due to Covid-19 is running from June 11, 2021, to July 11, 2021, across 11 host cities. Despite the situation of COVID-19, UEFA can hold such a large scale and world-class event because of the support from lots of cities above in this way. UEFA EURO 2020 may hint at how we should organize and run the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which will be held this year.

Then, which country will be the champion in this tournament? In the group stages, many countries, not only football powerhouse but also a country that had not attracted so much attention previously, have shown heated battles. Especially Italy has been keeping high-quality performance. Especially Italy has been keeping high quality-performance as you regard the stats of all 3 matches against Turkey, Wales, and Switzerland, and then has advanced to the final tournament in a smooth manner. Italy was able to keep a clean sheet all the games as their policy is keeping a ball longer time than the enemy do to control the game and always try to take an aggressive attitude. If Italy can maintain their good performance even in the final tournament, I think Italy has a perfect chance of becoming champions.

However, as you know, the exciting point of football is that nobody knows what will happen in reality. UEFA EURO 2020 brings us a smile and hope for recovering from the problematic situation in COVID-19. There is always a way to overcome a complex problem, but not always the only way to tackle it directly.


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