F's Seminar 2021

  • Reona FUKUHARA  (M1)

  • Tomoki YOKOYAMA(M1)


  • Akira KITAGAWA (B4)

  • Sumire KIKUCHI (B4)

  • Ayaka SAKAKIBARA (B4)

  • Atila NASIER (B4)

  • Hitomi SUZUKI(B3)

  • Kakeru KIKUCHI (B3)

  • Ren ARAI (B3)

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  • Hiroshige FUJII


Hello everyone, I am Ai Haraguchi, a member of Fujii’s seminar. The long season of rain was over, and the hot summer is coming. Usually, there are many events in Summer, but this year is different because of coronavirus. Therefore, almost all of my daily life consisted of my part-time job, studying, sleeping, and cooking. For that reason, I could not decide what I should write for this essay.

Coronavirus changed a lot of things in our life. Many local and state governments are struggling to contain a further spread of the coronavirus. I feel that it is hard to both stimulate the economy and prevent the spread of coronavirus simultaneously.

I think there are contradictions to Japanese local and state governments' strategy, so I would like to share the strategy of them and the reason I think so.

The strategy of the Japanese government

“Go to travel campaign.”

The Japanese government started “Go to travel campaign” from July 22. The campaign is that government discounts about half of the travel cost to support the tourism industry. I have a dilemma that I want to go on a trip, but I fear spreading the coronavirus.

I think that is a good idea for the economy, but on the other hand, a lot of people might gather on famous tourist spots because of the campaign. There is a limit to what people can take actions against coronavirus on tourist spots. If many people catch coronavirus on the tourist spot, the tourist spot and government strategy greatly impact the infection.

Strategy of Local government

“Tabetoku ticket”

Many local governments have made efforts to address the local promotion economy. I would like to introduce one of the local government's original strategy.

“Tabetoku ticket” is published by the local government. People can use it at the local restaurant as money. They can buy the 6500yen ticket for 5000yen.the tickets for 5000yen, so they can save 1500yen. Besides, if they use up all of the tickets, they can get a 1000yen ticket further. Eventually, they can save the 2500yen.

Actually, many people buy tickets. I work part-time at a restaurant. Every day I receive many tickets from the customers.

Therefore, the “Tabetoku ticket” strategy has had a positive effect on local restaurants. On the other hand, I think a restaurant is one of the most dangerous places in terms of coronavirus because almost all people don’t wear a mask and talk a lot while they eat. There is a high-risk of airborne droplet infection. Furthermore, not all restaurants take a perfect measure against coronavirus.

The restaurant where I work reaches full occupancy every day. That is a very good thing for the restaurant, but that is a dilemma in this situation.

How about your country?

I feel that is a huge issue the balance between the promotion economy and the measure against coronavirus. Anyway, we must take action against coronavirus all together. I hope that we can return to everyday life as soon as possible. Thank you.

The opinions expressed in this essay are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of the member of F’s seminar.

“The beautiful sky” On the park in my neighborhood.

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  • Hiroshige FUJII


Hello. I am Kenta Idenoue, a member of Fujii’s seminar. The rainy season is over, and the sound of cicadas singing makes me feel much hotter. Today, I would like to introduce the next project on Infection, Peace, and Human Rights. Regarding this previous project, some members of Fujii’s seminar, including me, and UIPJ (Utsunomiya International Peace and Justice), which is a club to learn international human rights and humanitarian law and post-conflict peacebuilding, have engaged in this project and already shared its achievements with other students in Utsunomiya University. Following this, we are planning to undertake the next project now, so I would like to make use of this article to briefly share its previous one and introduce the next one.

In the last project, we consulted Ebola hemorrhagic fever, one of the severe epidemics that spread into the central and western areas of the African continent. Especially, the western pandemic from 2014 to 2016, in Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo, was mainly focused on in terms of our research. We eventually made a poster as its achievement, whose title is ‘From the Outbreak to the End of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever – a lesson from the past toward our new lifestyle with Corona-virus –’. We put up at our university to inform as many students as possible. This project has suggested learning from the past case to improve our daily lives.

The next project is expected to focus mainly on the World Health Organization (WHO), in the perspective of career-development at the United Nations, concerning Corona-virus infection. Its aim is divided into three aspects: to analyze the WHO from international relations, to learn a reality of international politics by referring to some state responses to the WHO, and to know what working at international organizations is all about intending to think about our career path. We are planning to apply a theoretical framework to the current global situation around the WHO to understand the context of international organizations. We would then explore the reality of international organizations in international society to clarify the WHO’s systematic characteristics. Based on that, we are expected to insist on the WHO's reality that we should understand, such as some points that can be assessed positively or negatively regarding the response to Corona-virus.

Through the above-mentioned analyses, these can eventually lead to tips to think about our career-developments. Moreover, since some articles I am supposed to read about this project may also contribute to my graduation thesis in some ways, I would intend to engage in this project. I hope that we can share its achievements at some future date. Thank you for reading.